To the Workers of Israel,

to the Workers of Palestine,

to the Workers of Europe and America!

(«Proletarian»; Nr. 2; September 2006)




Your future does not lie in collaboration with your bourgeoisie; it does not reside in approving of the massacre of men, women, the elderly and infants alike by armoured tanks adorned with the star of David, nor in impotent peace marches which have never stopped even one war! The pretext of «terrorism» should not incapacitate you because it is used by the bourgeoisie to once again force you into the union sacrée . The bourgeoisie has the absolute necessity of chaining you to its requirements, its objectives: without your support, without your complicity, without your silence it could not defend its class interests any longer nor make war against the Palestinians or against other countries. The terrorist attacks are utilized by the bourgeoisie to justify these military operations and all these political and social measures: if they did not exist, they would invent them.

Your future lies in the proletarian struggle, above all against your own bourgeoisie, the struggle in which you can find true allies only in your proletarian class brothers and sisters, beyond nationality; and your class brothers and sisters are above all the Palestinians towards whom you must show an active solidarity because they are oppressed and massacred by your bourgeoisie. But in order to solidarize as proletarians, it is essential to break the chains which constrain you to collaborate with your government, your bourgeoisie, your capitalists.

It is only if you succeed in breaking from this bondage, only if you succeed in freeing yourself from the suffocating pressure of Jewish nationalism and bourgeois democratism, that you will not only be in solidarity with Palestinian and other proletarians, but will be able to defend your own true class interests.




You have always been told that Palestine is the fatherland to be re-conquered, to which you dedicate all your forces, all your energies, your whole being. The national oppression that Israel exerts on you as on the whole Palestinian population, has led you to identify your vital interests with the «national» interests, with the interests of your national bourgeoisie.

Any fatherland is a bourgeois objective and exclusively bourgeois. It is defined by a territory on which the bourgeoisie builds its State with all its institutions, its army, its police force and its courts, creates its market, mints its currency, produces its goods, a territory where it assumes the right to exploit its workers directly (and perhaps the workers of poorer countries) to extract the profit for which it lives. The workers, because they have nothing to lose, do not have a fatherland!

You are the practical demonstration of this Marxist axiom: as workers, you are exploited in Israel, in Jordan, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Egypt, in Italy, in France, in America or elsewhere. As workers, you are obliged to sell your labour power whatever the country where you have taken refuge, with whichever owner it is who intends to exploit you to extort a profit from your work.

As workers, particularly in Israel, you undergo two types of oppression: to the oppression of wage-labor which welds you together with the workers of the whole world, the brutality of national oppression is added, on behalf of a country which is praised as the only «true democracy» in all the Middle East. But the fight against the national oppression exerted against you should not make you forget that the Palestinian bourgeoisie only seeks to use you, and does not seek to utilize your combativeness, your courage, and your blood for anything other than its own specific class interests!

Your prospect should not be the union with bourgeois classes which offer to you only the dead end of nationalism or religious reaction; but it is neither in the abandonment of the fight against national oppression and submission to the wills of the dominant classes and States. The only prospect is that of the independent class organization, as proletarians and not as Palestinians, for the fight against capitalist exploitation and oppression; it is a path which is classist and not a “peoples front”; proletarian, anti-bourgeois, non-nationalist and non-islamist, politically and organizationally independent of the bourgeois classes and not mired in interclassist democracy. It is only while being carried out on the terrain of the class struggle, while being directed by the proletarian organization that the struggle against national oppression can be effective, can sensitize the proletarians of other nationalities and thrust them towards active solidarity, towards proletarian internationalism.




The partisans of Israel and its policy of oppression of the Palestinians are the same bourgeois classes which asked you to support their war in Vietnam, in Algeria and elsewhere; it is these same bourgeoisies which demanded your support in the two last world wars – and which will again require of you the supreme sacrifice in an eventual third world war. The working class should not support any of these wars of plunder, of colonization, of pillaging that the bourgeoisies carry out on the various continents. It must fight them all, it must oppose them all by revolutionary defeatism and social confrontation.

Your bourgeoisies are the most powerful in the world and thanks to this power they oppress whole peoples and dominate the majority of the countries of the world. And they can all the more easily exert this oppression because of the absence of class struggle in the imperialist countries. To rip apart the social peace, to rip apart the democratic and pacifist straightjacket which shackles it and prevents the proletariat from finding its proper class orientation, to rip apart the thousand bonds which were woven over the decades by political and trade-union collaborationism, will not be an easy thing. It will be difficult, but it is the only solution enabling it to find the capacity to defend itself against all the injustices, against all the abuses, all the pressures and repressions at the workplace and in daily social life!

The economic force that the bourgeoisies of the imperialist countries use to secure their world domination will be able to be transformed into a gigantic force of support for the international revolutionary struggle against all the bourgeois powers, if the European and American proletariat succeeds in seizing power and in establishing its dictatorship. But that will not be possible other than, on the one hand, by re-assimilating the classist traditions produced by the preceding proletarian generations (in particular of Russia, of Germany, of Italy); and on the other by assimilating the theory and the program of revolutionary Marxism which condenses the experience of history and the future objectives of the revolutionary proletarian movement.

The work of transmission to the successive generations of the historical inheritance of the class struggle is the task of the class party, the organization of communist militants which takes its stand on the terrain of the anti-capitalist revolution and which makes Communist theory and program the essential pivot to direct the action of the proletarian forces towards their emancipation: overthrow of bourgeois political power, introduction of the proletarian dictatorship exerted by the unique, authentic Communist Party, revolutionary war to defend the proletarian power and to support the revolutionary movements in the capitalist countries, economic transformation of society by demolishing the capitalist mode of production and setting up on its ashes the new communist mode of production. The new proletarian power will recognize the right of oppressed nationalities to separate from the old oppressor country. In the new proletarian state, no constraints will be employed to maintain the formerly oppressed nationalities by force:

«One thing alone is certain: the victorious proletariat can force no blessings of any kind upon any foreign nation without undermining its own victory by so doing », wrote Engels in connection with the colonial question (letter to Kautsky, 09/12/1882). The proletarian dictatorship will have as its objective the gathering together of the proletarians of the whole world in one great anti-capitalist movement, so that they link their forces in the struggle against all the national bourgeoisies, beginning with the struggle against their own bourgeoisie. The right to separation cannot be a fetish for the proletarian power, since the broad objective is to unify all the populations of planet in a common society, a society of all humanity, Communism. But this objective cannot be achieved by using means of constraint similar to those of the bourgeois period, resorting to forced assimilation or the annexation of territories and peoples. It will be reached by the revolutionary struggle which the proletariat of all nationalities, associated in a new Communist International, will carry out against all the bourgeoisies – those of small nations just as the large ones – and all forces related to the defense of capitalism.

This means that the victorious proletariat will show an active and concrete solidarity in support of the struggles taking place in the other countries in order to guarantee its victory.


*  *  *


In the current situation of long dormancy of the class struggle, the conscious workers, interested in the revolutionary cause, have a particularly important task: that of adherence to the program and the theory of revolutionary Marxism; they have to work for the formation of the class party, for this international communist party without which the proletarian movement will never be able to triumph in the confrontation with the ruling class, as demonstrated by the whole history of social struggles, the history of revolutions and counter-revolutions.


( Extract from «Ai proletari israeliani. Ai proletari palestinesi. Ai proletari d’Europa e d’America», «il comunista», N° 79, April 2002; issued in «le prolétaire», N° 463, August-September 2002)



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